Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FREE Searches #2

So after my first blog you are probably thinking my information is pretty much common knowledge.  This is true but I would make the point that different avenues of searching is not common knowledge.
So let’s move on to some more sites with a little bit more power.  Again it is important to understand that these sources typically don’t point directly to information you are looking for but many times is just one piece that leads to another.

A very broad search engine is Zabasearch,  You can search names, find out how many people have search your name and conduct reverse searches of phone numbers. 

A great website that I use every day is PIPL, The website searches the deep web for people or businesses that you are looking for.  You can search for people by name, city, state and country.  It has been quite effective for me.  Search your name and see how much information is out there about you.
The last one I use is KGB PEOPLE,  KGB searches broadly across the United States for the name you are looking for in social networks and search engines.  It shows photos and any personal information located as well. I have had some luck with this site. 

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